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MaGE (Macroeconometrics of the Global Economy) is a macroeconometric model of the world economy, developed to project the major economic changes of our century. All the details on its structure are provided on the page dedicated to the database it produces, the EconMap database.

Results and replication packages are available at: EconMap

Reference document to cite: Fontagné, L., Perego, E., et Santoni, G. (2022), MaGE 3.1: Long-Term Macroeconomic Projections of the World Economy, International Economics, vol.172, p. 168-189.

Fouré, J., Bénassy-Quéré, A., et Fontagné, L. (2013), Modelling the world economy at the 2050 horizon, Economics of Transition 21 (4): 617-654.

Person in charge & contact: Erica Perego et Gianluca Santoni, econmapcepii.fr

Licence: Creative Commons CC BY NC


Results and replication packages are available at: EconMap


Release Data Files Documentation
2.4 Source code MaGE_2.4_r149.rar Read me ;
Documentation of SSP scenarios
2.3 Source code MaGE_2.3_r115.rar Read me ;
Updated methodology on
energy productivity
2.2 Source code MaGE_2.2_r76.rar Read me
2.1 Source code MaGE_2.1_r60.rar Read me