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This database developed by CEPII complements the EQCHANGE database, by providing additional measures of the Balassa-Samuelson effect. RPROD delivers the following indicators computed for each country included in the database, and relative to its main trading partners: (i) GDP per capita, (ii) labor productivity, (iii) consumer-price-to-producer-price ratio, (iv) three-sectors' value-added deflator, and (v) six-sectors' value-added deflator. These different measures are publicly available with the aim to contribute to the investigation of the Balassa-Samuelson hypothesis, and to the comparison of estimated equilibrium real exchange rates and currency misalignments across alternative proxies of this effect.

Reference document to cite: Couharde, C., Delatte, A-L, Grekou, C., Mignon, V. et Morvillier, F. (2018), "Measuring the Balassa-Samuelson Effect: A guidance Note on the RPROD Database", CEPII Working Paper, N°2019-11, octobre 2019

Person in charge & contact: Carl Grekou, carl.grekoucepii.fr

Licence: Etalab 2.0