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Spillovers from Multinationals to Heterogeneous Domestic Firms: Evidence from Hungary

Gábor Békés
Jörn Kleinert
Farid Toubal

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Technological and informational spillovers from multinational firms can be particularly beneficial to domestic firms especially in less developed economies. The technological superiority and management experience of foreign multinational firms yield various opportunities for learning. Yet, the importance of foreign firm’s spillovers might vary with respect to the different intensities of the linkage between the multinational and the domestic firm, the differences in firms’ absorptive capacity and their ability to face competition. We show using firm-level Hungarian data that positive spillovers from multinationals depend on the level of productivity and the exporting status of the domestic firm. Larger and more productive firms are more able to reap spillovers from multinationals than smaller and less productive firms. The export status, in contrast, is of minor importance.

 Keywords : FDI | Multinationals | Productivity | Spillover | Quantile regression | Hungary

 JEL : F23, D21, D24, R12, R30
CEPII Working Paper
N°2009-31, December 2009

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