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China's Foreign Trade in the Perspective of a More Balanced Economic Growth

Guillaume Gaulier
Françoise Lemoine
Deniz Ünal

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The global crisis is forcing China’s economy to become less dependent on foreign markets. Manufacturing industry has to adjust to changes in international demand. Foreign affiliates’ processed exports are vulnerable to the slow-down of Western demand, while Chinese exporting firms are better placed to switch to dynamic emerging markets. China’s ordinary imports have risen fast. Asia has enlarged its share in the domestic market, Europe has kept a strong position while North-America has lost ground. China has become the engine of the regional economic growth. Foreign-capital firms have played an increasing part in China’s imports and industrial production. China’s policy towards FDI is at least as important as its exchange rate policy to determine foreign partners’ access to its domestic market.

 Keywords : China | Growth model | FDI | Ordinary trade | Domestic market

 JEL : F1, F2, F15, F23, O53
CEPII Working Paper
N°2011-03, March 2011

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