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The Euro Effects on the Firm and Product-Level Trade Margins: Evidence from France

Antoine Berthou
Lionel Fontagné

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We investigate the effects of the euro on French exporters. We build three margins corresponding to the decision of exporting, the number of products exported to each destination, and the average value of exports by product, that compose the expected value of exports of each individual firm on a market. Estimation results that rely on the full sample of exporters suggest that the euro adoption had a positive effect on the number of products exported by each individual firm, and no effect on the decision to export and the average value of exports by product. Though, composition effects are in action: the effect on the decision of exporting, and on the average value of exports by products, is positive - but weakly significant - for firms with more than 20 employees. Finally, we find that euro had no effect on least productive firms.

 Mots-clés : Commerce international | Marges d'exportation | Euro | France

 JEL : F15
CEPII Working Paper
N°2008-21, October 2008

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