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May 2014        

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How is the EU competitiveness doing ?

The EU competitiveness in goods has recently deteriorated. The global financial crisis has taken a toll on European producers that before 2007 were maintaining their market positions. Exports still embody 85% of value added created in the EU, despite increasing fragmentation of value chains. Therefore European exports are still predominently "Made in Europe".
Angela Cheptea,  Charlotte Emlinger, Lionel FontagnéGianluca Orefice & Olga Pindyuk

Aid-for-Trade: what works and what does not

A multiplicity of approaches is needed to evaluate the efficiency of AFT. In general, it is difficult to rely on cross-country studies to direct AFT. More rigorous impact evaluation (IE) is an under-utilized alternative, but situations of “clinical interventions” in trade are rare and adverse incentives (due to agency problems) and costs (due to the small size of project) are a hurdle in implementation.
Olivier Cadot, Ana Fernandes, Julien Gourdon, Aaditya Mattoo & Jaime de Melo

  Facts & Figures


This is what one percentage point increase in the VAT rebate can lead to in Chinese export volumes. This magnitude allows to better understand the strong resistance of China’s exports amid the global recession.
Julien Gourdon, Stéphanie Monjon, Sandra Poncet

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