International Economics

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Q2   2016
Evidence on the functional form of inflation and output growth variability relationship in European economies Muhammad Khan
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A methodology to estimate the costs of data regulations Erik van der Marel
Matthias Bauer
Hosuk Lee-Makiyama
Bert Verschelde
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A self-organizing map analysis of survey-based agents? expectations before impending shocks for model selection: The case of the 2008 financial crisis Oscar Claveria
Enric Monte
Salvador Torra
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Fiscal multipliers in Emerging Market Economies: Can we learn something from Advanced Economies? Marie-Pierre Hory
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Burley Tobacco Clubs in Malawi: Nonmarket Institutions for Exports Mariano Negri
Guido G. Porto
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Food Prices and Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies Marc Pourroy
Benjamin Carton
Dramane Coulibaly
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The Interactive Relationship Between the US Economic Policy Uncertainty and BRIC Stock Markets Imen Dakhlaoui
Chaker Aloui
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