International Economics

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Q2   2019
Understanding the non-Gaussian distribution of revealed comparative advantage index and its alternatives Bin Liu
Jianbo Gao
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Are “twin deficits” asymmetric? Evidence on government budget and current account balances, 1870–2013 Georgios Karras
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Testing the globalization-driven carbon emissions hypothesis: International evidence Muhammad Shahbaz
Mantu Kumar Mahalik
Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad
Shawkat Hammoudeh
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Does international reserve accumulation crowd out domestic private investment? Wishnu Mahraddika
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Can West African countries catch up with Nigeria? Evidence from smooth nonlinearity method in fractional unit root framework OlaOluwa S.Yaya
Pui Kiew Ling
Fumitaka Furuoka
Chinyere Mary Rose Ezeoke
Ray Ikechukwu Jacob
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An examination of trade-weighted real exchange rates based on fractional integration Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana
Tommaso Trani
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Vine copula-based dependence and portfolio value-at-risk analysis of the cryptocurrency market Gideon Boako
Aviral Kumar Tiwari
David Roubaud
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The importance of the financial system for the current account in Sweden: A sectoral approach Erik Spånberg
Hovick Shahnazarian
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