International Economics

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Q2   2020
Manufacturing firms’ export activity: Business and financial cycles overlaps! Juan Laborda
Vicente Salas
Cristina Suárez
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Role of capital flight as a driver of sovereign bond spreads in Latin American countries Hajer Dachraoui
Mounir Smida
Maamar Sebri
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Insulating property of the flexible exchange rate regime: A case of Central and Eastern European countries Marek A. Dabrowski
Justyna Wróblewska
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Natural resource rents, political regimes and terrorism in Africa Kazeem B. Ajide
Juliet I. Adenuga
Ibrahim D. Raheem
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Growth accounting and regressions: New approach and results Tiago Sequeira
Hugo Morão
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Mexican peso-USD exchange rate: A switching linear dynamical model application Dayna P. Saldaña-Zepeda
Ciro Velasco-Cruz
Víctor H. Torres-Preciado
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Collateral damage: The Western sanctions on Russia and the evaluation of implications for Russia’s post-communist neighbourhood Vugar Bayramov
Nabi Rustamli
Gulnara Abbas
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The effects of investor emotions sentiments on crude oil returns: A time and frequency dynamics analysis Order form