International Economics

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Issue Q2 2021  
The International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (ITPD-E)  
Ingo Borchert
Mario Larch
Serge Shikher
Yoto V. Yotov
This paper introduces and describes the new International Trade and Production Database that can be used for statistical estimation (ITPD-E). The ITPD-E contains consistent data on international and domestic trade for 243 countries, 170 industries, and 17 years. The data are constructed at the industry level covering agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing, and services, so that the ITPD-E describes nearly completely the traded sectors of each economy. The time period covered commences in 2000 and extends to 2016. The ITPD-E is constructed using reported administrative data and intentionally does not include information estimated by statistical techniques. This feature and the unprecedented coverage of industries and countries with consistent international and domestic trade data renders the ITPD-E well suited for estimation of economic models, e.g., the gravity model of trade. We demonstrate the usefulness of the ITPD-E by running standard gravity regressions.

Domestic trade ; Internal trade ; Domestic national trade ; Gravity models of trade ; Gravity estimation ; Keywords
F10 ; F14 ; JEL classification
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