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updated : July 12, 2021
L’agriculture, un secteur très exposé dans la négociation des relations commerciales post-Brexit
Le Blog du CEPII, Post, January 9, 2018
Cecilia Bellora, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré, Houssein Guimbard

Chapter 6: Tariff Policies and the Progress Toward Open Markets for Agricultural Products
In Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy (General Editor: Tim Josling); Volume III: International Trade Rules for Food and Agricultural Products (Karl Meilke and Tim Josling), Karl Meilke and Tim Josling, December 2017
Houssein GuimbardJean-Christophe BureauSébastien Jean

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
UPEC SEMINAR, 24 November 2017
Houssein Guimbard

EU - UK agricultural trade: state of play and possible impacts of Brexit
CEPII Research Report, N°2017-01, November 2017
Cecilia Bellora, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré, Houssein Guimbard

EU – UK agricultural trade: State of play and possible impacts of Brexit - CIREM-CEPII
Implications of 'Brexit' for the EU agri-food sector and the CAP, 09 November 2017
Cecilia Bellora, Jean Fouré, Charlotte EmlingerHoussein Guimbard

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the 21st Century: Has it Done the Business?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-11, June 2017
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

La demande alimentaire mondiale en 2050
La Lettre du CEPII, N°377, May 2017
Christophe GouelHoussein Guimbard

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-05, March 2017
Christophe GouelHoussein Guimbard

Mega-Deals: What Consequences for SSA?
Journal of African Economies, vol. 26(2), p.1-33, 2017
Houssein Guimbard, Maëlan Le Goff

Analysis of the Role of Tariff Concessions in East Asia
GRIPS Discussion Papers, N°16-21, December 2016
Kenichi Kawasaki, Houssein Guimbard, Badri Narayanan G, Arata Kuno

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