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France and Europe in Globalization
On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, three panel discussions, CEPII brought together experts, foreign and French, decision-makers and academics to discuss the major challenges that France and Europe are facing ten years after the crisis and the deep transformation of the international economic relationships.
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L'impact des impôts sur l'économie : l'exemple de la taxe foncière
Thomas Grjebine
April 25, 2018

France and Europe in Globalization
April 12, 2018

Profils Pays / Country Profiles
- Interactive Data 2016 Updated
- Export (.csv) "All countries" for each table/figure
March 27, 2018
Comptes Harmonisés sur les Echanges et L’Economie Mondiale (CHELEM)
Harmonized data on trade, BOP and GDP. Update of trade, balances of payments and exchange rates (year 2016)

Update: March 1, 2018

Le petit télégraphiste 2.0 : retour sur la visite de Macron à Trump
Jean-François Boittin