CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Academic Journals
CEPII's economists publish in some of the best economic journals, such as Journal of International Economics, Review of Economic Studies, World Economics, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Macroeconomics...

International Economics
Academic journal published by CEPII.

Research Reports
Mostly contracted, initially confidential studies which are released after embargos are lifted.

Working Papers
About 30 a year.

CEPII's economists are publishing with world renowned publishing houses including La Découverte, De Boeck, Odile Jacob, Economica, Pearson, Oxford University Press...

CEPII's Panorama
The CEPII's Panorama series presents analyses on International Economy, statistical compendiums using CEPII's original data, as well as methodological papers describing the indicators used in publications, dabtabases or Country Profiles. Build for educational purpose, this is a tool for teaching International Economy. Figures can be downloaded as images, so they can be easily used.

L'économie mondiale
CEPII annually publishes original analyses on major issues for the world economy, in the series "Repères". These analyses are complemented by long term statistics which provide perspective.

La Lettre du CEPII
Published 11 times per year - in French, and occasionally with an English version. The letters comprise four pages on topical themes based on CEPII's research.

Le Blog du CEPII
Economic news explained by CEPII's economists.

Policy Brief
CEPII’s insights on international economic policy.

 CEPII's News
Activity Report
Yearly statement on research, publications and events.

Rapport d'évaluation
Évaluation d'ensemble du CEPII à l'initiative du Conseil du CEPII.

The CEPII Newsletter
Monthly summary of recent publications, events and on-going works. Available online with free subscription.