CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
Immigration and the Gender Wage Gap
European Economic Review, vol. 92(2), p.196-214, February 2017
Anthony EdoFarid Toubal
Migrations | Competitiveness & Growth | Economic Policy

Simulating world trade in the decades ahead: driving forces and policy implications
World Economy, vol. 40(1), p.36-55, January 2017
Lionel FontagnéJean Fouré, Alexander Keck
Trade & Globalization

Oil currencies in the face of oil shocks: what can be learned from time-varying specifications?
Applied Economics, vol. 49(18), p.1774-1793, 2017
Valérie Mignon, Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde, Tovonony Razafindrabe
Money & Finance | Environment & Natural Resources | Emerging Countries

Mega-Deals: What Consequences for SSA?
Journal of African Economies, N°J Afr Econ 1-33, December 2016
Houssein Guimbard, Maëlan Le Goff
Economic Policy | Trade & Globalization

Regime-Dependent Sovereign Risk Pricing during the Euro Crisis
Review of Finance, October 2016
Anne-Laure Delatte, Julien Fouquau, Richard Portes
Money & Finance | Europe

How macroeconomic imbalances interact? Evidence from a panel VAR analysis
Macroeconomic Dynamics, vol. 20(7), p.1717-1741, October 2016
Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon
Money & Finance | Economic Policy

Trade policy and industrial policy in China: What motivates public authorities to apply restrictions on exports?
China Economic Review, vol. 40, p.105-120, September 2016
Stéphanie Monjon, Julien Gourdon, Sandra Poncet
Trade & Globalization | Emerging Countries

Towards greater diversification in central bank reserves
Journal of Asset Management, vol. 17(4), p.295-312, July 2016
Valérie Mignon, Marie Brière, Kim Oosterlinck, Ariane Szafarz
Money & Finance

Interdependencies between Atlantic and Pacific agreements: Evidence from agri-food sectors
Economic Modelling, vol. 55(1), Elsevier, p.241-253, June 2016
Anne-Célia Disdier, Charlotte EmlingerJean Fouré
Trade & Globalization

Impacts of Immigration on Aging Welfare-State An Applied General Equilibrium Model for France
Fiscal Studies, vol. 37(2), p.258-284, June 2016
Lionel Ragot, Xavier Chojnicki
Economic Policy