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Éric Monnet

Scientific Advisor



Tél. Tél. +33 (0)1 53 68 55 35


updated : May 23, 2024
Éric Monnet is scientific advisor to the CEPII.

I am an economic historian and macroeconomist seeking to better understand how the evolution of finance, state intervention in credit markets, central banking and the international monetary system has shaped European economies since the 19th century. Understanding where we come from should be an essential contribution to current policy debates.
My work aims at being interdisciplinary and showing how historical methods can inform and challenge economic thinking. I share this goal with my colleagues of the François Simiand Center for social and economic history at the Paris School of Economics & EHESS.
I am editor of La Vie des Idées/Books & Ideas, a social sciences website in French and English - supported by the Collège de France - which publishes book reviews and original essays for the general public. Please be in touch if you wish to contribute.
Links to my articles also lead to original datasets that I constructed and that are available on journals' websites or other repositories. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for additional data, or information about them. I am in the process of making all data from my book Controlling Credit available as well.
Before 2019, I worked for 6 years for the Eurosystem, as an economist at the Banque de France. I was part of the teams in charge of producing forecasts (on France) and economic analyses (especially on housing investment and prices, then on euro area architecture) . I am now a consultant at the Banque de France on issues related to the international monetary system (starting Dec. 2020).
I am a member of the editorial boards of Explorations in Economic History and la Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine.