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Antoine Bouët


Trade & Globalization
Economic Policy

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updated : March 6, 2023
Antoine Bouët is Director of CEPII as of October 1, 2022.

He is also Professor of Economics at the University of Bordeaux (France). Previously, he joined the International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington DC) in February 2005 as a senior researcher to conduct research on global trade modeling, trade policies, regional agreements, multilateral trade negotiations and informal cross-border trade in Africa. He was previously a scientific advisor at CEPII, where he participated in the development of the MIRAGE model of the world economy and the MAcMAP-HS6 database on market access. He has also conducted research on improving trade and trade policy data, the modeling of support for the biofuels industry, the economics of exports restrictions, world agricultural markets, African agricultural trade, multilateral and regional trade agreements, the economics of trade retaliation and the world trading system.

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow - IFPRI

Assistant Professor at University of Pau; Professor at University of Nantes; Professor at University of Pau; Scientific Advisor at CEPII; Senior Research Fellow at IFPRI; Professor at University of Bordeaux; Director of CEPII

Trade policy; Debate free trade vs. protectionnism; Trade; Africa; African agricultural trade; World agricultural markets; measurement of trade and protectionism; export restrictions; informal trade