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Curriculum Vitae
Tariff reductions, trade patterns and the wage gap
Review of World Economics, vol. 154(1), p.75-115, février 2018
Gianluca Orefice, Francesco Di Comite, Antonella Nocco

Let's Try Next Door: Technical Barriers to Trade and Multi-destination Firms
European Economic Review, vol. 101(101), p.643-663, janvier 2018
Lionel FontagnéGianluca Orefice

Deep PTAs, Offshoring and Migration
Forum on Migration, Trade & the Global Economy, 14 décembre 2017
Gianluca Orefice

The Beauty of Diversity: International Competitiveness
OECD Migration Conference, 2017, 12 décembre 2017
Gianluca Orefice

The International Elasticity Puzzle is worse than you think
ETSG, 15 septembre 2017
Gianluca Orefice

Non-tariff measures, Specific Trade Concerns and Tariff Reduction
World Economy, vol. 40(9), p.1707–2030, septembre 2017
Gianluca Orefice

Cross Border M&A activity and wage dynamics
DEGIT conference, 7 septembre 2017
Gianluca Orefice

Exporting Creative and Cultural Products: Birthplace Diversity Matters!
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-17, septembre 2017
Gianluca OreficeGianluca Santoni

Immigration and Firms' Productivity: evidence from France
European Economic Review, vol. 96(96), p.62-82, juillet 2017
Cristina MitaritonnaGianluca Orefice, Giovanni Peri

Immigrants and Firms Outcomes: Evidence from France
Workshop of the economics of migration, 30 mai 2017
Gianluca Orefice

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