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mise à jour : 3 mai 2017
Chapter 6: Tariff Policies and the Progress Toward Open Markets for Agricultural Products
In Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy (General Editor: Tim Josling); Volume III: International Trade Rules for Food and Agricultural Products (Karl Meilke and Tim Josling), Karl Meilke and Tim Josling, décembre 2017
Houssein GuimbardJean-Christophe BureauSébastien Jean

Impacts des politiques environnementales sur la sécurité alimentaire : l’impact de l’agriculture biologique sur la production agricole et sur les changements d’utilisation des sols
Club Agriculture Climat, 29 novembre 2017
Cecilia BelloraJean-Christophe Bureau

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the 21st Century: Has it Done the Business?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-11, juin 2017
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

How green is organic ? The indirect environmental effects of making EU agriculture greener
Policy relevant CGE modeling workshop, 16 décembre 2016
Cecilia BelloraJean-Christophe Bureau

How green is organic ? The indirect environmental effects of making EU agriculture greener
19th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis - "Analytical Foundations for Cooperation in a Multipolar World", 15 juin 2016
Cecilia BelloraJean-Christophe Bureau

Competing Liberalizations: Tariffs and Trade in the 21st Century
CEPII Working Paper, N°2016-12, mai 2016
Jean-Christophe BureauHoussein GuimbardSébastien Jean

Do Regional Trade Agreements Really Boost Trade? Estimates for Agricultural Products
CEPII Working Paper, N°2015-09, juin 2015
Sébastien JeanJean-Christophe Bureau

La politique agricole commune
Repères, La Découverte, décembre 2014
Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sophie Thoyer

Risks and opportunities for the EU agri-food sector in a possible EU-US trade agreement
Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, 3 septembre 2014
Jean FouréJean-Christophe Bureau, Gabriel Felbermayr

Risks and Opportunities for the EU Agri-food sector in a possible EU-US Trade Agreement
CEPII Research Report, N°2014-01, septembre 2014
Jean-Christophe Bureau, Anne-Célia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger, Gabriel Felbermayr, Lionel FontagnéJean FouréSébastien Jean

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