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mise à jour : 16 juin 2021
Free Trade Agreements and the movement of business people
Journal of Economic Geography, 2024
Camilo Umana DajudThierry MayerHillel Rapoport

The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France"
The Economic Journal, vol. 642(132), p.437–470, 2022
Yann Algan, Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer, Mathias Thoenig

Peer Effects in Academic Research: Senders and Receivers
The Economic Journal, vol. 648(132), p.2644–2673, 2022
Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer, Clément Mazet

Who Benefits from State Corporate Tax Cuts? A Local Labor Markets Approach with Heterogeneous Firms: Comment"
American Economic Review, Forthcoming, 2022
Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer, Clément Mazet

The Refugee’s Dilemma: Evidence from Jewish Migration out of Nazi Germany
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Forthcoming, 2022
Johannes Buggle, Thierry Mayer, Seyun Sakalli, Mathias Thoenig

The United States of Europe: A gravity model evaluation of the four freedoms
Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 2(35), p.23-48, 2021
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

Technology-induced Trade Shocks? Evidence from Broadband Expansion in France
Journal of International Economics, N°133, p.103520 , 2021
Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer, Clément Mazet

Product Mix and Firm Productivity Responses to Trade Competition
Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 5(103), p. 874–891, 2021
Thierry Mayer, Marc Meiltz, Gianmarco Ottavianoo

Brands in Motion: How frictions shape multinational production
American Economic Review, vol. 9(109), p.3073-3124, septembre 2019
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

Misfits in the car industry: Offshore Assembly Decisions at the Variety Level
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, N°52, p.90-105, juin 2019
Thierry Mayer, Keith Head

The Cost of Non-Europe, Revisited
Economic Policy, vol. 34(98), p.145-199, avril 2019
Vincent VicardThierry Mayer, Soledad Zignago

Exports and labor costs: Evidence from a French Policy
Review of World Economics, vol. 3(154), p.429-454, 2018
Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer

The Impacts of Urban Public Transportation: Evidence from the Paris Region
Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 102, p.1-21 , novembre 2017
Thierry Mayer, Corentin Trevien

From Micro to Macro: Demand, Supply, and Heterogeneity in the Trade Elasticity
Journal of International Economics, N°108, p.1-19, 2017
Maria Bas, Thierry Mayer, Mathias Thoenig

The Impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on Establishments' Location Decisions: Evidence from French ZFUs
Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 4( 17), p.709-752, 2017
Florian Mayneris, Thierry Mayer, Loriane Py

Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters
American Economic Review, vol. 2(104), p.495-536, février 2014
Thierry MayerMarc MelitzGianmarco Ottaviano

Welfare and Trade Without Pareto
American Economic Review, vol. 104(5), p.310-316, 2014
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer, Mathias Thoenig

What separates us? Sources of resistance to globalization
Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 4(46), p.1196-1231, 2013
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

The Geography of Conflicts and Regional Trade Agreements
American Economic Journal, vol. 4(4), p.1-35, octobre 2012
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Quality sorting and trade: Firm-level evidence for French wine
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How do different exporters react to exchange rate changes? Theory, empirics and aggregate implications
Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 127(1), p.437-492, février 2012
Nicolas Berman, Philippe Martin, Thierry Mayer

Spatial Concentration and Plant-Level Productivity in France
Journal of Urban Economics, N°69(2), p.182-195, 2011
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Public support to clusters A firm level study of French 'Local productive systems
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Philippe Martin, Thierry Mayer, Florian Mayneris

Gravity, Market Potential and Development
Journal of Economic Geography, N°11(2), p.281-294, 2011
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

The Effects at Home of Initiating Production Abroad: Evidence from Matched French Firms
Review of World Economics, vol. 147(3), p.457-483, 2011
Alex Hijzen, Sébastien JeanThierry Mayer

Bilateral Trade of Cultural Goods
Review of World Economics, vol. 4(4), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, p.575-595, janvier 2010
Anne-Célia Disdier, Silvio H. T. Tai, Lionel FontagnéThierry Mayer

Exposure to foreign media and changes in cultural traits: Evidence from naming patterns in France
Journal of International Economics, vol. 2(80), p.226-238, 2010
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The Location of Domestic and Foreign Production Affiliates by French Multinational Firms
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The erosion of colonial trade linkages after independence
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How Remote is the Offshoring Threat?
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Thierry Mayer, Keith Head, John Ries

Make Trade not War?
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Civil Wars and International Trade
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Detection of local interactions from the spatial pattern of names in France
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Je t’aime, moi non plus: Bilateral opinions and international trade
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Institutional Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
World Economy, vol. 30(5), p.764-782, 2007
Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Maylis Coupet, Thierry Mayer

Regional Wage and Employment Responses to Market Potential in the EU
Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol. 36(5), p.573-594, 2006
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

Trade in the Triad: How Easy is the Access to Large Markets?
Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 38(4), p.1401-1430, 2005
Lionel FontagnéThierry Mayer, Soledad Zignago

The Trade Creating Effects of Business and Social Networks: Evidence from France
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Determinants of Location Choices by Multinational Firms: a Review of the Current State of Knowledge
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How Do Firms Agglomerate? A Study of FDI in France
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Market Potential and the Location of Japanese Firms in the European Union
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How Different is Eastern Europe? Structure and determinants of location choices by French firms in Eastern and Western Europe
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Anne-Célia Disdier, Thierry Mayer

Politiques commerciales
Economie internationale, N°89-90, La Documentation Française, janvier 2002
Lionel FontagnéThierry Mayer

Effet frontiere, integration economique et
Economie et Prévision, La Documentation Française, p.pp. 47-101, janvier 2002
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

Revisiting Oligopolistic Reaction : Are FDI Decisions Strategic Complements
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On the Pervasiveness of Home Market Effects
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Keith Head, Thierry Mayer, John Ries

Non-Europe : The Magnitude and Causes of Market Fragmentation in the EU
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Keith Head, Thierry Mayer

Spatial Cournot Competition and Heterogeneous Production Costs Across Locations
Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol. 3(30), p.325-352, 2000
Thierry Mayer