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  Articles d'ouvrage collectif
Natural Resource Heterogeneity and the Incentives and Impact of Regional Integration
In Natural Resources Abundance, Growth and Diversification in MENA, Ndiame Diop, Daniela Marotta and Jaime de Melo, Directions in Development series, The World Bank, septembre 2012
Céline Carrère, Julien Gourdon, Marcelo Olarreaga

South Asia’s Economic Prospects from Global Rebalancing and Integration
In Economic Reform Processes in South Asia: Toward Policy Efficiency , Philippa Dee, Routledge, Abingdon Oxon and New York, juillet 2012
Dipak Dasgupta, Julien Gourdon, Nihal Pitigala

NTMs: Interpreting the New Data
In  Non-Tariff Measures: A fresh look at trade policy's new frontier , O. Cadot & M. Malouche, World Bank & CEPR, juillet 2012
Julien Gourdon, Alessandro Nicita

Openness, Inequality and Poverty: Endowments Matter
In The Globalization of the World Economy Series: Globalization and Inequality, Branko Milanovic, Edward Elgar Publishers, mars 2012
Julien Gourdon, Nicolas Maystre, Jaime de Melo

MAcMap-HS6 2007, an exhaustive and consistent measure of applied protection in 2007
In GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation, Badri Narayanan, Terrie Walmsley, p.Chapter 10D, 2012
Sébastien JeanHoussein Guimbard, Mondher Mimouni, Xavier Pichot

Heterogeneous export spillovers to Chinese domestic firms: the role of the difficulty to enter the destination market
In Firms in the International Economy, N°Accepté, Beugelsdijk and Brakman., 2012
Sandra Poncet, Florian Mayneris

Heterogeneous migration and offshoring costs: Evidence on spillover effects
In Policy Priorities for Trade and Jobs, Douglas Lippoldt, p.249-258, 2012
Gianluca Orefice, Cosimo Beverelli