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Anne-Laure Delatte

Scientific Advisor
International Macroeconomics and Finance Research Program Manager

Money & Finance
Emerging Countries

Tél. +33 (0)1 53 68 55 63

updated : November 4, 2019
Anne-Laure Delatte is a Scientific Advisor at CEPII.

She is  a Tenured Researcher at CNRS (French Institute for Scientific Research). She is a CEPR Research Affiliate and has been a member of Conseil d'Analyse Economique (Council of Economic Analysis, an independent, non partisan advisory body reporting to the French Prime Minister), and a member of the Scientific Committee of Fondation Banque de France.

She has been a visiting scholar at Princeton University from September 2014 to July 2017.
Before that, Anne-Laure Delatte has been a Fellow at the OFCE-Sciences Po. and an associate Professor at Rouen Business School. She started her academic career as a Lecturer at the Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology in 2006.

Her research focuses on financial economics and international macroeconomics with an empirical approach, applied to several areas including the Euro crisis, cross-border banking, tax havens, exchange rates, forex reserves in emerging countries, commodity prices

press contact : anne-laure.delatte@cepii.fr

Personal Website : www.anne-laure-delatte.eu