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China in the WTO: an assessment
Le Blog du CEPII, Post, December 22, 2011
Françoise Lemoine

Estimations of Tariff Equivalents for the Services Sectors
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-24, December 2011
Lionel Fontagné, Amélie Guillin, Cristina Mitaritonna

From trade to domestic collapse? On the complementarity between exports and domestic sales
Vox-EU, December 16,  2011
Nicolas Berman, Antoine BerthouJérôme Héricourt

Commerce de biens intermédiaires et compétitivité
CEPII Research Report, N°2011-03, December 2011
Lionel FontagnéFarid Toubal

Évaluation d’un accord de libre échange entre l’Union Européenne et le Canada
CEPII Research Report, N°2011-02, December 2011
Yvan Decreux, Lionel FontagnéHoussein Guimbard

Ten Years after Doha 
La Lettre du CEPII, N°315, November 2011
Lionel Fontagné

Economic Impact of Potential Outcome of the DDA
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-23, November 2011
Yvan Decreux, Lionel Fontagné

Sensitive products in the Doha negotiations: The case of European and Japanese market access
Economic Modelling, vol. 28(6), p.2395-2403, November 2011
Christophe GouelCristina MitaritonnaMaria Priscila Ramos

"Global Security Policies against Terrorism and the Free Riding Problem"
Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol. 13(5), p.755-791, October 2011
Daniel Mirza, Nathalie Colombier, David Masclet, Claude Montmarquette

Trade Agreements and 21st century: A new Policy Insight
Vox Eu, Richard Baldwin, October 2011
Gianluca Orefice, Nadia Rocha

Les mauvaises performances françaises à l’exportation: La compétitivité prix est-elle coupable ?
La Lettre du CEPII, N°313, September 2011
Antoine BerthouCharlotte Emlinger

Unilateral trade reform, Market Access and Foreign Competition: the Patterns of Multi-Product Exporters
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-18, July 2011
Maria Bas, Pamela Bombarda

Export Sophistication Measures
The CEPII Newsletter, N°47, June 2011
Sandra Poncet

Does Importing more Inputs Raise Exports? Firm Level Evidence from France
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-15, June 2011
Maria Bas, Vanessa Strauss-Kahn

The Trade Unit Values database
International Economics, Vol. 128, p.97–117, Q4 2011
Antoine BerthouCharlotte Emlinger

Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-11, May 2011
Thierry MayerMarc MelitzGianmarco Ottaviano

The Trade Unit Values Database
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-10, April 2011
Antoine BerthouCharlotte Emlinger

The Decision to Import Capital Goods in India: Firms' Financial Factors Matter
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-06, March 2011
Maria Bas, Antoine Berthou

Economies d'agglomération à l'export et difficulté d'accès aux marchés
Economie et Statistique, N°435-436, p.85-103, March 2011
Pamina Koenig, Florian Mayneris, Sandra Poncet

Trade liberalization, rent sharing and wage inequality in Tunisia, 1998-2002
International Economics, Vol. 125, p.5–39, Q1 2011
Monia Ghazali

1622 document(s) : results 1441 to 1460
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