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mise à jour : 3 mai 2017
Regional Integration and Informal Trade in Africa: Evidence from Benin's Borders
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-21, décembre 2017
Cristina Mitaritonna, Sami Bensassi, Joachim Jarreau

Immigration and Firms' Productivity: evidence from France
European Economic Review, vol. 96(96), p.62-82, juillet 2017
Cristina MitaritonnaGianluca Orefice, Giovanni Peri

Determinants of Cross Border Informal Trade: The Case of Benin
Cristina Mitaritonna, Joachim Jarreau, Sami Bensassi

Determinants of Cross Border Informal Trade: The Case of Benin
3rd MENA Trade Workshop, 17-18 mai 2017
Cristina Mitaritonna, Joachim Jarreau, Sami Bensassi

Pour retrouver de la croissance, l’Afrique subsaharienne a besoin de réformes
La-Croix.com , 5 avril 2017
Cristina Mitaritonna

Firm outcomes and local migrant worker supply
VOX, 3 mars 2017
Gianluca OreficeCristina Mitaritonna

Firms outcomes and local migrant workers supply
Le Blog du CEPII, Billet, 7 mars 2017
Cristina Mitaritonna, Gianluca Orefice, Giovanni Peri

Estimated Tariff Equivalents of Services NTMs
CEPII Working Paper, N°2016-20, août 2016
Lionel FontagnéCristina Mitaritonna, José E. Signoret

“Determinants of Informal Trade: The Case of Benin”
Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics 2016: Data and Development Economics , 20 juin 2016
Cristina Mitaritonna

Empirical Investigations applied to trade in services
Deepening Regional Economic Integration through the Liberalization of Trade in Services in the Arab Region, 2 juin 2016
Cristina Mitaritonna

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