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mise à jour : 3 mai 2017
Empirical Investigations applied to trade in services
Deepening Regional Economic Integration through the Liberalization of Trade in Services in the Arab Region, 2 juin 2016
Cristina Mitaritonna

“Determinants of Informal Trade: The Case of Benin”
Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics 2016: Data and Development Economics , 20 juin 2016
Cristina Mitaritonna

Which import restrictions matter for trade in services ?
Measuuring restricitons in services, 18 février 2016
Cristina Mitaritonna

Determinants and Pervasiveness of the Evasion of Customs Duties
Conférence PICARD de l'OMD, 09 septembre 2015
Cristina MitaritonnaSebastien Jean

Immigrants and Firms Productivity Evidence from France
Journée OSE, 15 avril 2015
Gianluca OreficeCristina Mitaritonna, Giovanni Peri

Determinants and pervasiveness of the evasion of custom duties
EEA (european Economic Association), 29 août 2012
Cristina Mitaritonna

Estimation of Tariff Equivalents for the Services Sector
New Challenges for Global Trade and Sustainable Development, 15th annual GTAP meeting, 28 juin 2012
Cristina Mitaritonna

The cost of the Non-Mediterranean
Réunion AFD,  janvier 2012
Houssein GuimbardCristina MitaritonnaDaniel Mirza, Joachim Jarreau, José de Sousa & Sami Bensassi

The Art of Exceptions: Sensitive Products in the Doha Negotiations
III Encuentro Regional sobre Modelos de Equilibrio General Computable (EGC), 2-3 septembre 2010
Christophe GouelCristina MitaritonnaMaria Priscila Ramos

The Art of Exceptions: Sensitive Products in the Doha Negotiations
Workshop CEPII-PSE « Trade Policy Analysis », 6 juillet 2010
Christophe GouelCristina MitaritonnaMaria Priscila Ramos

CGE Modelling at the hs6 level
FAO-AgFoodtrade Meeting, 14-15 mai 2009
Cristina Mitaritonna, Laborde David