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mise à jour : 3 mai 2017
Immigration and Firms' Productivity: evidence from France
European Economic Review, vol. 96(96), p.62-82, juillet 2017
Cristina MitaritonnaGianluca Orefice, Giovanni Peri

Assessing Barriers to Trade in the Distribution and Telecom Sectors in Emerging Countries
World Trade Review, vol. 12(01), Cambridge, p.1-22, janvier 2013
Cristina MitaritonnaLionel Fontagné

Sensitive products in the Doha negotiations: The case of European and Japanese market access
Economic Modelling, vol. 28(6), p.2395-2403, novembre 2011
Christophe GouelCristina MitaritonnaMaria Priscila Ramos

An Impact Study of the Economic Partnership Agreements in the Six ACP Regions
Journal of African Economies, vol. 20(2), 2011
Cristina Mitaritonna, David Laborde, Lionel Fontagné