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EU - UK agricultural trade: state of play and possible impacts of Brexit

Cecilia Bellora
Charlotte Emlinger
Jean Fouré
Houssein Guimbard

This report analyzes current UK-EU27 agri-food trade, and quantifies the impacts of a return to WTO rules after Brexit. Agri-food trade is likely to decrease steeply, especially for meat and dairy sectors. However, there might be an opportunity for an increase in production in a reduced number of European sectors, such as red meat, cattle or wheat, to replace imports from the UK. More generally, Ireland is likely to be the most negatively impacted country and deserves particular attention during the Brexit process.

The opinions expressed in this document are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Parliament, who requested the document.

 Presentation to the European Parliament (9 November 2017)
 Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development Video stream (9 November 2017)

 Keywords : Brexit | Trade policy | Agri-food

 JEL : F13, F17, F47, Q17, C68
CEPII Research Report
N°2017-01, November 2017

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