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Regular and Irregular Migration in Times of Global Economic Crisis: Perceptions and Realities

Mariya Aleksynska

According to the World Bank estimates, about 180 million people, or three percent of the world’s population, are living in countries other than their countries of birth. Immigrants have been contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the destination countries, as well as to the development of their origin countries, shaping their economies, societies, and cultures. With the outburst of the economic crisis, its implications for migration size and direction, for the composition of migrant flows and stocks, for issues of migration management and regulation, as well as attitudes of native-born individuals towards immigrants, have become high on media on political agenda. The aim of this report is to offer an overview of current and past migration situation, as well as opinions about immigration, as to reconcile perceptions with realities, and to identify key concerns and directions for further research.

 Keywords : MIGRATION
CEPII Research Report
N°2010-03, March 2010

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