International Economics

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What Do we Now Know About Currency Unions? Michael Artis

Beyond Trade Is Reform Effort Affected by the Exchange Rate Regime? A Panel Analysis for the World versus OECD Countries Ansgar Belke
Bernhard Herz
Lukas Vogel

The Post-Crisis Sequencing of Economic Integration in Asia: Trade as a Complement to a Monetary Future Michael G. Plummer
Ganeshan Wignaraja

New Monetary Unions in Africa: a Major Change in the Monetary Landscape? Paul R. Masson

The CFA Arrangements: More Than Just an Aid Substitute? Etienne B. Yehoue

Can NAFTA be a Stepping Stone to Monetary Integration in North America? Dominick Salvatore

A Currency Union Between Australia and New Zealand? Peter J. Lloyd
Lei Lei Song

The CIS: Does the Regional Hegemony Facilitate Monetary Integration? David G. Mayes
Vesa Korhonen