International Economics

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Q4   2018
Sovereign risk and the real exchange rate: A non-linear approach Jair N. Ojeda-Joya
Gloria Sarmiento
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Asymmetric impacts of public and private investments on the non-oil GDP of Saudi Arabia Walid Mensi
Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad
Shawkat Hammoudeh
Khamis Hamed Al-Yahyaee
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The causal effect of reducing trade policy uncertainty: A comparative case study of Bangladesh's textile exports to Switzerland Christian Ritzel
Andreas Kohler
Stefan Mann
Silviu Beciu
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Are all cycles alike? An empirical investigation of regional and global factors in developed and emerging economies Zouhair Ait Benhamou
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Who fears or favors globalization? Evidence from individual-level survey data in Japan Koichi Kagitani
Kozo Harimaya
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Re-examination of the convergence hypothesis among OECD countries: Evidence from Fourier quantile unit root test Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee
Tsangyao Chang
Zahra (Mila) Elmic
Omid Ranjbar
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Globalization and terror in Africa Simplice A. Asongu
Nicholas Biekpe
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Reducing model risk in early warning systems for banking crises in the euro area Virginie Coudert
Julien Idier
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Under pressure: Dynamic pass-through of oil prices to the RUB/USD exchange rate Svetlana Fedoseeva
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Do renewable energies improve energy security in the long run? Emmanuel Hache
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Shocks to the international prices of agricultural commodities and the effects on welfare and poverty. A simulation of the ex ante long-run effects for Uruguay Pedro Moncarz
Sergio Barone
Ricardo Descalzi
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Forecasting currency crises with threshold models Terence T.L. Chong
Isabel K. Yan
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Estimating value-at-risk using a multivariate copula-based volatility model: Evidence from European banks Marius Galabe Sampid
Haslifah M.Hasim
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Income level and the emissions, energy, and growth nexus: Evidence from Asia and the Pacific Thai-Ha Le
Euston Quah
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EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates Cécile Couharde
Anne-Laure Delatte
Carl Grekou
Valérie Mignon
Florian Morvillier
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Natural resource curse in oil exporting countries: A nonlinear approach Olivier Damette
Majda Seghir
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Impact of macroeconomic news surprises and uncertainty for major economies on returns and volatility of oil futures Walid Bahloul
Rangan Gupta
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Environment-energy-growth nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of intermediate goods Mohamed Amine Boutabba
Diadié Diaw
Albert Lessoua
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Dynamics of net foreign asset components in the EMU Tatiana Cesaroni
Roberta De Santis
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How do Islamic versus conventional equity markets react to political risk? Dynamic panel evidence Walid M.A. Ahmed
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How important are global geopolitical risks to emerging countries? Chak Hung Jack Cheng
Ching-Wai (Jeremy) Chiu
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Governance and economic growth: The role of the exchange rate regime Salma Hadj Fraj
Mekki Hamdaoui
Samir Maktouf
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