International Economics

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Q3   2022
Varieties as a Source of Law of One Price Deviations Fernando Borraz
Leandro Zipitría
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Bunker fuel, commodity prices and shipping market indices following the COVID-19 pandemic. A time-frequency analysis Manuel Monge
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The relationship between shipping freight rates and inflation in the Euro Area Nektarios A. Michail
Konstantinos D. Melas
Lena Cleanthous
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A non-parametric assessment of the effects of the Euro on GVC trade Pierluigi Montalbano
Silvia Nenci
Laura Dell'Agostino
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The COVID-19 pandemic, policy responses and stock markets in the G20 Guglielmo Maria Caporale
Woo-Young Kang
Fabio Spagnolo
Nicola Spagnolo
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Bayesian model averaging approach of the determinants of foreign direct investment in Africa Kazeem Bello Ajide
Ridwan Lanre Ibrahim
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To consolidate or not to consolidate? A multi-step analysis to assess needed fiscal sustainability António Afonso
José Alves
João Tovar Jalles
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Inflation and unemployment, new insights during the EMU accession Jean-Louis Combes
Pierre Lesuisse
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On the political economy of trade agreements: A de jure and de facto analysis of institutions Asmaa Ezzat
Chahir Zaki
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Improved output gap estimates and forecasts using a local linear regression Marlon Fritz
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MaGE 3.1: Long-term macroeconomic projections of the World economy Erica Perego
Lionel Fontagné
Gianluca Santoni
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Making the EU cohesion policy work to support exports at time of Covid-19: Evidence on the Italian regions R. Boffardi
P. Di Caro
R. Arbolino
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European investment bank loan appraisal, the EU climate bank? Antoine Ebeling
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This time is different: Fiscal response to the COVID-19 pandemic among EU countries Bettina Bökemeier
Marcin Wolski
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Does FDI have differential impacts on exports? Evidence from developing countries Pravakar Sahoo
Ranjan Kumar Dash
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Green bonds and oil price shocks and uncertainty: A safe haven analysis Khaled Mokni
Walid Mensi
Shawkat Hammoudeh
Ahdi Noomen Ajmi
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Reshoring and plant closures in Covid-19 times: Evidence from Italian MNEs Enrica Di Stefano
Giorgia Giovannetti
Michele Mancini
Enrico Marvasi
Giulio Vannelli
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Financial market economy vs self-financing economy and the role of risk aversion Laurent Augier
Chao Yin
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Editorial Romain Houssa
Xavier Debrun
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Aid allocation: The role of external discipline François Bourguignon
Jean-Philippe Platteau
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Delays in public investment projects Raphael Espinoza
Andrea F. Presbitero
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Moral hazard index for credit risk to SMEs José A. Castillo
Andrés Mora-Valencia
Javier Perote
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A time to build: Does technical assistance matter for revenue mobilization? Ralph Chami
Elorm Darkey
Oral Williams
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Abnormal pricing in international commodity trading: Evidence from Ghana Ama A. Ahene-Codjoe
Angela A. Alu
Rahul Mehrotra
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When do we repair the roof? Insights from responses to fiscal crisis early warning signals Jiro Honda
René Tapsoba
Ismael Issifou
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Eurobonds, debt sustainability and macroeconomic performance in Africa: Synthetic control experiments Chuku Chuku
Mustafa Yasin Yenice
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Macroprudential policy: New challenges Camille Cornand
Cyriac Guillaumin
Julien Idier
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Capital ratios and banking crises in the European Union Raphaël Cardot-Martin
Fabien Labondance
Catherine Refait-Alexandre
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Better safe than sorry: Macroprudential policy, Covid 19 and climate change Gaëtan Le Quang
Laurence Scialom
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Prudential policy spillovers: How do international bank flows react to French policies? Stéphane Dées
Julio Ramos-Tallada
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Does pandemic risk affect yield spreads in the EMU? Iuliana Matei
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A theoretical foundation for prudential authorities decision making Cristina Badarau
Corentin Roussel
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