International Economics

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Q2   2022
A proposal of a suspicion of tax fraud indicator based on Google trends to foresee Spanish tax revenues Manuel Monge
Carlos Poza
Sofía Borgia
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The financial development impact of financial globalization revisited: A focus on OECD countries Olufemi Adewale Aluko
Eric Evans Osei Opoku
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Financial and economic development in the context of the global 2008-09 financial crisis António Afonso
M. Carmen Blanco-Arana
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Measuring the economic efficiency performance in Latin American and Caribbean countries: An empirical evidence from stochastic production frontier and data envelopment analysis Matheus Koengkan
José Alberto Fuinhas
Emad Kazemzadeh
Fariba Osmani
Nooshin Karimi Alavijeh
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The determinants and cyclicality of fiscal policy: Empirical evidence from East Africa Joseph Mawejje
Nicholas M. Odhiambo
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Does foreign aid impede economic complexity in developing countries? Brice Kamguia
Sosson Tadadjeu
Clovis Miamo
Henri Njangang
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The impact of economic policy uncertainty on banks' non-interest income activities Whelsy Boungou
Charles Mawusi
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Does domestic investment respond to inflation targeting? A synthetic control investigation Nadine McCloud
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Mapping the emergence and diffusion of climate-related financial policies: Evidence from a cluster analysis on G20 countries Paola D'Orazio
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Has the Global Financial Crisis increased wealth inequality? Maria Shchepeleva
Mikhail Stolbov
Laurent Weill
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Trade shocks and labour market resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does the franc zone response differently? Tii N. Nchofoung
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Mexico needs a fiscal twist: Response to Covid-19 and beyond Swarnali Ahmed Hannan
Keiko Honjo
Mehdi Raiss
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Invoicing Currency and Symmetric Pass-Through of Exchange Rates and Tariffs: Evidence from Malawian Imports from the EU Angella Faith Montfaucon
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Economic sentiments and international risk sharing Daragh Clancy
Lorenzo Ricci
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Foreign investors and target firms’ financial structure Lorenzo Bencivelli
Beniamino Pisicoli
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Does something change in the oil market with the COVID-19 crisis? Dan Zhang
Arash Farnoosh
Frédéric Lantz
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The impact of global value chain participation on income inequality Nur Carpa
Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
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A highway across the Atlantic? Trade and welfare effects of the EU-Mercosur agreement Jacopo Timini
Francesca Viani
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