International Economics

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Q3   2017
CO2 emissions, renewable and non-renewable energy consumption, and economic growth: Evidence from panel data for developing countries Katsuya Ito
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From natural resource boom to sustainable economic growth: Lessons from Mongolia Bin Grace Li
Pranav Gupta
Jiangyan Yu
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Manufacturing export diversification and regionalization of trade: Which destinations for newly exported goods? Julie Regolo
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The role of confidence shocks in business cycles and their global dimension Stéphane Dees
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Dutch disease and Russia Katsuya Ito
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On the drivers of inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa Anh D.M. Nguyen
Jemma Dridib
Filiz D. Unsal
Oral H. Williams
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A quality-adjusted AIDS model in the study of French imports Dr. Thannaletchimy Thanagopal
Félix Housset
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