International Economics

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Q4   2020
Exports to China and economic growth in Latin America, unequal effects within the region Julio César Arteaga
Mónica Liseth Cardozo
Márcia Jucá T. Diniz
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Oil price jumps and the uncertainty of oil supplies in a geopolitical perspective: The role of OPEC’s spare capacity Refk Selmi
Jamal Bouoiyour
Amal Miftah
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Rediscovering the EKC hypothesis for the 20 highest CO2 emitters among OECD countries by level of globalization Patrícia Hipólito Leal
António Cardoso Marques
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Understanding how foreign direct investment inflows impact urbanization in Africa Carl Grekou
Ferdinand Owoundi
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Better the devil you know: Home and sectoral biases in bank lending A. Burietz
L. Ureche-Rangau
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A case for leaning against the wind in a commodity-exporting economy FrIrina Kozlovtceva
Alexey Ponomarenko
Andrey Sinyakov
Stas Tatarintsev
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Extension of the Fama and French model: A study of the largest European financial institutions Francisco Jareño
María de la O González
Alba M. Escolástico
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The drivers of economic complexity: International evidence from financial development and patents Canh Phuc Nguyen
Christophe Schinckus
Thanh Dinh Su
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Classification of transfer pricing systems across countries Alex A.T. Rathke
Amaury J. Rezende
Christoph Watrin
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Economic complexity, human capital, and FDI attraction: A cross country analysis Pegah Sadeghi
Hamid Shahrestani
Kambiz Hojabr Kiani
Taghi Torabi
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Do structural shocks in the crude oil market affect biofuel prices? Aktham I. Maghyereh
Osama D. Sweidan
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Global value chains and the missing link between exchange rates and export diversification Thi Anh-Dao Tran
Minh Hong Phi
Long Thai
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Fettered cross-border capital flows, external finance dependence, and international trade Gideon Ndubuisi
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Three-player sovereign debt negotiations Ilaf Elard
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