International Economics

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Q4   2021
Short and long run environmental tax buoyancy in EU-28: a panel study Gianluigi De Pascale
Mariantonietta Fiore
Francesco ContÚ
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Nowcasting Russian GDP using forecast combination approach Michael Zhemkov
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How to simulate international economic sanctions: A multipurpose index modelling illustrated with EU sanctions against Russia Morad Bali
Nady Rapelanoro
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New insights on the debt-growth nexus: A combination of the interactive fixed effects and panel threshold approach Yacouba Kassouri
Halil Altintas
Erdal Alancioglu
Kacou Yves Thierry Kacou
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Economic sentiment indicators and foreign direct investment: Empirical evidence from European Union countries Andrzej Cieslik
Mahdi Ghodsi
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Dependence structure between oil price volatility and sovereign credit risk of oil exporters: Evidence using a copula approach Yao Axel Ehouman
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Service characteristics and the choice between exports and FDI: Evidence from Belgian firms Leo Sleuwaegen
Peter M. Smith
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