International Economics

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Q1   2021
MULTIPRIL, a New Database on Multilateral Price Levels and Currency Misalignments Cécile Couharde
Carl Grekou
Valérie Mignon
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Protectionism and international trade: A long-run view Tullio Gregori
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Too much finance or too many weak instruments? Maxime Fajeau
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Dynamic relations between oil and stock markets: Volatility spillovers, networks and causality Jose E. Gomez-Gonzalez
Jorge Hirs-Garzón
Sebastián Sanín-Restrepo
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Economic activity, and financial and commodity markets’ shocks: An analysis of implied volatility indexes Christian Urom
Gideon Ndubuisi
Jude Ozor
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Exchange rates and fundamentals: Further evidence based on asymmetric causality test Siew-Voon Soon
Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah
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Twin balances, public governance and private investment: Quantile estimation for OECD countries Thanh Dinh Su
Canh Phuc Nguyen
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New evidence on international risk-sharing in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Stéphane Zouri
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The energy transition, Trump energy agenda and COVID-19 Refk Selmi
Jamal Bouoiyour
Shawkat Hammoudeh
Youssef Errami
Mark E. Wohar
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Regional and global patterns of participation in value chains: Evidence from Brazil Inácio Fernandes de Araújo
Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Weslem Rodrigues Faria
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Bilateral investment treaties and backward linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa Vito Amendolagine
Francesco Prota
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Global imbalances, external adjustment and propagated shocks: An African perspective from a global VAR model Oyeyinka S. Omoshoro-Jones
Lumengo Bonga-Bonga
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Export performance and capacity pressures in Central and Eastern Europe Karsten Staehr
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Income inequality, human capital and terrorism in Africa: Beyond exploratory analytics Kazeem B. Ajide
Olorunfemi Y. Alimi
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Impact of the ECB Quantitative Easing on the International Investment Position Rafael Cezar
Maéva Silvestrini
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Environmental regulation and productivity growth: Main policy challenges R. De Santis
P. Esposito
C. Jona Lasinio
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