International Economics

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Q2   2010
China’s High Saving Rate: Myth and Reality Guonan Ma
Wang Yi
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Oil Prices and Stock Markets: What Drives What in the Gulf Corporation Council Countries Mohamed Arouri
Christophe Rault
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Is There a Link Between the American S&L Crisis of the 80s and the Subprime Crisis? An Analysis of Bank Returns Loredana Ureche-Rangau
Aurore Burietz
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Evaluating the Environmental Cost of Biofuels Policy: an Illustration with Bioethanol Hugo Valin
Betina Dimaranan
Antoine Bouët
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Trade-FDI Linkages in a Simultaneous Equations System of Gravity Models for German Regional Data Timo Mitze
Alecke Björn
Gerhard Untiedt
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