International Economics

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Q1   2016
International Trade, FDI and Growth: Some Interactions - Introduction to the Special Issue Sophie Brana
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Determinants for Locating Research and Development Activity in Europe Sylvie Montout
Mina Sami
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Technology Spillover and TFP Growth: A Spatial Durbin Model Aligui Tientao
Diego Legros
Marie Claude Pichery
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Employment Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: New evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries Cristina Jude
Monica Ioana Pop Silaghi
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The Role of Sectoral FDI in Promoting Agricultural Production and Improving Food Security Mehdi Ben Slimane
Marilyne Huchet-Bourdon
Habib Zitouna
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The Effect of Macroeconomic Instability on FDI Flows: A Gravity Estimation of the Impact of Regional Integration in the Case of Euro-Mediterranean Agreements Dalila Chenaf-Nicet
Eric Rougier
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Do Exchange Rate Misalignments Really Affect Economic Growth? The Case of Sub-Saharan African Countries Ferdinand Owoundi
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